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     Writing our Wills or making provisions for the management of our affairs should we become disabled is not something most people care to think about.   It is imperative that you take the time to protect your assets and to prepare the necessary documents that will help both you and your family through death and or disability. 

     At the Law Offices of Sean M. Lazzari, we can advise you of the proper steps to take to ensure that you minimize the costs involved in settling your affairs at the time of your death.  We can recommend alternatives to Wills that will help you to avoid Probate, if that is what makes the most sense for you and your Family. 

     We can help you prepare Living Wills and Medical Powers of Attorney that will be instructive to both your Health Care Providers and your Family and will take the burden off your Family of making Life or Death decisions on your behalf. 

The Law Office of Sean M. Lazzari, P.C. is available to assist you with planning and preparing your Simple Trusts, Wills and Power of Attorney Forms. 

Trusts, Wills and Powers of Attorney

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Medical Power of Attorney       HIPAA Release

Property Powers of Attorney    Land Trusts

Bank Accounts Payable on Death

​Deeds that will Transfer Property on Death

Estate Documents to Consider